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P&K Development Corp – Dandelion Tea Herb Plantation & Processing – Bồ công anh

Dandelion is easy to grow, highly effective for farmers, less affecting the environment, especially Dandelion leaves are used as clean vegetables for daily meals. However, we need to research and plant more surveys in the next crops on old soil, in order to evaluate pest resistance and the ability to adapt to a wide range… Read More »P&K Development Corp – Dandelion Tea Herb Plantation & Processing – Bồ công anh

Cantho Cargo City Corp – Maintenance – Repair & Overhaul Star Alliance Corporation

Can tho is the main city of Southern key economic region. With the air transportation increasing, the requirements for the logistic operations, maintenance, repair & overhaul of equipment for all the industries including electronics, food processing, and airplane should be  of major profit center. We are developing a Logistic Hub & MRO in Plot 3… Read More »Cantho Cargo City Corp – Maintenance – Repair & Overhaul Star Alliance Corporation

Company Strategies

Aptus Capital will focus into the Asset-light companies that adores the ambitious to be Superstar whom has combination of technologically-driven efficiencies of scale and mass network effects that can create a compounding market growth. We want companies to have the next few years vision, to create sustainable value over time for our investors. We alsoRead More »Company Strategies

Financial Managers

Aptus Capital have a full range of financial services, supporting the media to drive you towards sustainable success. We provide: Finance intellectual and hybrid fund structure to meet companies's capital requirements. IoT capabilities for simple business model to start Engagement & Marketing tools and power for companies to reach mass market. Network of business eco-system,Read More »Financial Managers


The 9 Building Blocks of BBLink Business Model Customer Segments: Online (physical – existing) grocery stores and online grocery sellers (App only) Value Propositions: Create value chains connecting suppliers / manufacturers to retailers / banks and to end consumers. Through Logistic and micro finance services. Channels: Affiliate marketing and online boarding/registration. Customer Relationships: Building benefits for suppliers, retailers, service… Read More »BBLINK OMNI CHANNEL DISTRIBUTION PLATFORM

Intro about Aptus Capital

Intro about Aptus Venture Capital

Call us:


72 Nguyen Cong Tru Street, Nguyen Thai Binh Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam



Mr. Luu Tuong Bach: [email protected]

Longevity Tea by Fermented Ginseng Leaves – Gintonin Enriched Fraction (GEF)

  • Functional food or medicinal formulations to prevent geriatric brain disorders are not readily available. Panax ginseng is a candidate, since ginseng has long-been consumed as a rejuvenating agent.
  • Not only low-cost advantage, ginseng leaves contain many kinds of bioactive ingredients, e.g., phenolic compounds, polysaccharide, phytosterols, polyacetylene alcohols, flavonoids, peptides and higher contents of ginsenosides Rb1, Rb2, Rc, Rd and Re than ginseng root .
  • Ginseng root takes 4-6 years to be adult from a seed that makes it expensive, but ginseng leaves can be harvested every year. Hence, ginseng leaves could be a possible alternative source of ginseng saponin compared to the roots that need long growth time. Six major ginsenosides are found in ginseng leaves, such as Re, Rg1,Rb1, Rc, Rb2, and Rd (Li et al., 1996), among them Re, Rg1 and Rd are available.

Tourism - Sanitarium farm-stay Health & Wellness resort investments

Prioritizing Health & Wellness Life style :

  • Using interventions that already exist today, the global disease burden could be reduced by about 40 percent over the next two decades.
  • Over 70 percent of the gains could be achieved from prevention by creating cleaner and safer environments, encouraging healthier behaviors and addressing the social factors that lie behind these, as well as broadening access to vaccines and preventive medicine.
  • The remainder would come from treating disease and acute conditions with proven therapies including medication and surgery.
  • Wellness healthy could bring tremendous benefits: an average 65-year-old in 2040 could be as healthy as a 55-year-old today. Infant mortality would decline by 65 percent, the health inequity gap would narrow, and 230 million more people would be alive by 2040. Broader social benefits, defined as the welfare value of good health, could be as high as $100 trillion.

Services components

1.Hospitality services;

2.On-demand health consultation – health care rooms such as acupuncture, physiotherapy;

3.Aesthetic beauty care room for guests and the community (Spa);

4.On-demand care services at home, going to the hospital;

5.Convenience supermarket serving on-site and at home for guests and the community;

6.Workshop on proactive communication of direct consumer health advice in the locality;

7.Coordinate with hospitals, organize medical examination and distribution for guests and the community;

8.Receive and deploy events, advertisements, and promotions for businesses in the province;

9.Building a community movement to help develop spiritual and cultural products;

10.Organization of association of businesses, production of products and implementation of preferential markets for the community.