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Aptus Services:

  1. Compliance, Structuring and Advisory

In order to successfully complete a Tokenized Security Offering the investor has to meet certain criteria. Our primary task is to conduct a complete due diligence process to assess the quality of a potential issuer. Our experts will advise on the best structure for an issuance to achieve the business goals.

  1. Regulatory and Legal Compliance

It is critically important to comply with international regulatory and legal framework for any issuance. Lack of professional legal attention could result in misleading actions, potential charges and loss of reputation.

Our qualified legal partners provide all the necessary services in order for an issuance to be completely legally and regulatory compliant.

  1. Tokenized SecuritiesStructuring and Issuance

Technical structuring and issuance is one of the most responsible processes throughout the creation of Digital securities. It includes defining the type of tokenized securities, its properties, the rights it gives to its holders, and many other important aspects.

  1. Screening the Business Model, Value Proposition & Market viable, guarrantor investment.

With the knowlegible advisors, mentors and angel networks, Aptus Capital shall screening the investee company thorougly under variuos approaches. After that, we can enhance the insurance by guarrantors first invest at least 15% of the deal.

  1. Marketing Materials and Documentation

The process of a Tokenized Securities Offering includes preparing documents that will be provided to investors, including Prospectus, Pitch Decks, Presentations, Media propaganda … These documents outline the nature of the promoted business and provide potential investors a clear view on the venture potential. Our experts help prepare all documents needed for a successful issuance to the right investors.

  1. Lifetime Management and Support

Issuance of Tokenized Securities is just one step of the process. It is critically important to securely maintain and support all stages throughout the Tokenized Securities life cycle. We provide long-term support to our clients for all corporate actions and stakeholders rights.

  1. Investment Relations and Fundraising Services

Once the offering is fully prepared, we will communicate the information about new offerings within our network of  local & international investors. Tokenized Securities will only be offered to registered KYC & AML passed investors on the Aptus Capital Platform. Depending on the specifications of the issuance, we will advise on the best investment relations strategy.

  1. Fund raising campaignTable Management and shareholders booking.

One of the big challenges for businesses attracting funds from a broad base of investors, is managing their shareholder register. The chance of a mistake is high and so is the price of it. It can lead to regulatory issues due to mistakes in documents or giving the wrong amount of equity due to a miscalculation.

We provide a full solution to this problem as part of our services. Save time and even more importantly – mitigate the risk of costly mistakes.

  1. Blockchain back-bone for services implementation.

Blockchain technology has become mainstream in various industries: fintech, banking, logistics, production. Aptus Capital support the adoption of blockchain technology and focus on its business implementation. Being experts in the field of informational technologies, we can leverage your business with our in-depth technical competence and blockchain expertise.

Our Key Activities

Company & Investor data provider.

Asset structuring/packaging.

Financial arrangements.

Trading platform of Aptus units and its derivaties.

Central Depository operation

Our Value Proposition

Hybrid raising fund model.

Financial Professional skills and expertise.

Management knowhow.

Networking ecosystem for sustainable development.

Blockchain technology commanding.

IT value added capabilities.

PR & Marketing online Structured products know-hows.

Stock market exit practise.

Aptus Capital is founded in 2008 as an investment private firm. As the digital & shareing economy explotion in Vietnam, the founding partner composing of financial profession, marketing profession and ERP profession decided to turn it into a hybrid funding mechanism using DTL blockchain platform for investor to take part in Vietnam decade of fast development.

Invested your money with real Professionals

Meet our Team of Specialists

Mr. Luu Tuong Bach - Chairman and CEO of Aptus Capital
Mr. Luu Tuong Bach - Chairman and CEO of Aptus Capital
Mr. Vo Phu Nong - Relationship Specialist
Mr. Vo Phu Nong - Relationship Specialist
Mr. Nguyen Tuong Chau - Director of Media
Mr. Nguyen Tuong Chau - Director of Media
Mr. Ha Ton Vinh – Strategic Advisor
Mr. Ha Ton Vinh – Strategic Advisor