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Cantho Cargo City Corp – Maintenance – Repair & Overhaul Star Alliance Corporation

Can tho is the main city of Southern key economic region. With the air transportation increasing, the requirements for the logistic operations, maintenance, repair & overhaul of equipment for all the industries including electronics, food processing, and airplane should be  of major profit center.

We are developing a Logistic Hub & MRO in Plot 3 in Cantho Airport with total area of 345 Hectares.

The basic functions include: aviation service function and warehousing (no residential function; low-rise buildings and compliance with height limits within the management of Can Tho airport). Warehousing system to serve the Central Urban Area, is the focal point for transporting goods, reducing number of warehouses and heavy transportation into urban areas.

The land plot is adjacent to Can Tho International Airport. The terrain is relatively flat.

The surrounding technical infrastructure system is being invested synchronously, with access to large transport capacity through: Vo Van Kiet road, Highway 91B, Cantho Airport belt road, close to Mekong river – Hoang Dieu Port.