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The 9 Building Blocks of BBLink Business Model

  1. Customer Segments: Online (physical – existing) grocery stores and online grocery sellers (App only)
  2. Value Propositions: Create value chains connecting suppliers / manufacturers to retailers / banks and to end consumers. Through Logistic and micro finance services.
  3. Channels: Affiliate marketing and online boarding/registration.
  4. Customer Relationships: Building benefits for suppliers, retailers, service providers and consumers through cutting intermediaries costs.
  5. Revenue Streams: Sources of revenues from fees, endownment, advertising and service providers.
  6. Key Resources: Resources from IoT technology, network of businesses, associations and social organizations
  7. Key Activities: Connecting suppliers and service providers and banks / finance to bring the highest supply chain efficiency to end users.
  8. Key Partnerships: Existing suppliers and wholesalers with shops and online sellers, logistics and banking providers.
  9. Cost Structure: Advertising costs, user attraction and supplier connectivity. – Expenses for product development and application updates.