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Technology Platform & Investment process

DLT based Technology and Trading Mechanism

Our Block-chain Technology Platform

Aptus Platform Technology

Aptus Capital Technology:

The backbone of Aptus Capital Platform is a private blockchain. It is a state-of-the-art blockchain platform that allows you to perform tokenization. Issue, transfer and exchange tokenized assets with a high level of privacy, security and auditability while following regulations of various jurisdictions.


Platform’s backbone is a highly modular system built using microservices architecture. The backbone can be divided into two parts: DLT-based logic (node) responsible for the key functionalities such as tokenized securities management and distribution, rights management, vouchers etc.; auxiliary modules, which interconnect DLT with external systems through API like payment gateway, store user data, etc.

Node is a key component of the platform. It processes transactions, manages history, and provides an easy to use API to access the blockchain data. It consists of two modules:

Core — a replicated state machine that maintains a local copy of the cryptographic ledger and processes transactions against it in consensus with a set of peers. It implements the federated consensus protocol and is responsible for tokens accounting and roles management.

Horizon — the client-facing REST API server. It acts as an interface between the core and applications that want to access the network. It allows submitting transactions to the network, checking the status of accounts, and viewing transaction history.


The Platform provides an unprecedented level of security. It is achieved by the combination of using private blockchain, two-factor authentication, biosymetric, SSL protocol for data transfer and cryptographic protection of accounts and assets.

Data integrity

All data is stored securely on the blockchain, which means, that data is immutable and no one can falsify the record about a transaction after it has been made. One of the reasons, why we use private blockchain, is that it is impossible to access the system from outside to steal or influence the data.

The information transferred and stored on the server doesn’t present value for an attacker because it is encrypted by the keys which are known ONLY to a user.

Keys management

Each operation on the platform is signed by keys. Only the keys owner is able to perform operations associated with their account. Keys are stored on a server, but only a user has access. The server is only a custodian storing encrypted keys which only a user knows how to decrypt. And the password is safe, because it is stored on the user`s device and never leaves it, so there is no point for the attacker in listening to communication between user and client because no sensitive data is transferred.

To confirm an operation an encrypted key is transferred to the user, there it is decrypted and used to confirm the operation, and from a user to the server, only the mere fact of confirming operation is transferred. That is how a password never leaves a user`s device.

Fund’s safety

All funds are stored securely with Aptus Capital’s partner bank and monitored through our Exchange and custodian operation, and available at any moment through user’s account. Funds are safe as it never leaves the custodian and partner’ bank if there is no instruction from investor himself.


Aptus Capital Platform has technical capabilities to ensure full compliance with existing corporate laws & regulations.

KYC/AML integration

The Aptus Capital Platform is integrated with external KYC/AML providers, that perform a check of investors and let only trusted parties to our ecosystem.

Tokenized securities mechanics

Legal compliance can be built in tokenized securities through the usage of smart contracts. Smart contracts can automatically ensure that corporate actions & dividends are provided to all investors.

Investor's Account opening & Trading Mechanism

Tokenized Securities Trade

Aptus Capital Platform supports an internal exchange module that allows users to exchange tokenized Securities issued on the platform without the need for integrating with external exchange or custodian services.

Main features: overview 

Aptus Capital Flatform is created to enable simple yet fully compliant process of investment in tokenized securities: only validated companies with full and transparent information provided.

On Aptus Capital platform you can:

  • Pass identity verification
  • Get access to investment opportunities that match your legal status and your set criteria
  • Invest in chosen primary tokenized securities offerings
  • Manage your portfolio on the dashboard
  • Send and receive funds
  • Trade your tokenized securities (place an order on a marketplace or choose an order among existing)

Step 1: Pass identity verification 

When registering on the platform, make sure to securely note down your private key – a unique phrase of 12 words generated for your new account – you will need it later to verify transactions within the platform.

At this point, the only option you’ll have is profile verification, which you have to go through to be able to access all other platform functions. Don’t worry – it’s easy! This is a standard check for investors, but automated and fast.

Verification differs for retail and professional investors, as the latter have to upload more documents that prove their financial viability.

After choosing whether you’re a retail or a corporate investor, you’ll have to fill in the Identity verification form and upload supporting documents, which will be forwarded for the check.

If your identity verification fails, double-check your data for relevance (bad photo quality, misspelling, wrong code). If the problem persists, you will be contacted by a support manager.

Step 2: Invest 

Once your identity is verified, you will have access to the full functionality of the platform and selected investment opportunities.

In this tab, you can see only those investment opportunities that match your legal status.

You can choose a type of financial instrument that you are interested in (bonds, stocks, funds) or apply advanced filters.

On the page of each offering you will be able to access all the information related to the offering:

  • Details of the offering
  • Info on the company and the team
  • Legal documents
  • Company highlights
  • Recent news and updates.

When you decide to make an investment, you can do so in a few clicks: reading disclaimers, choosing how much you invest, signing an investment agreement, confirming with your private key and receiving your securities in your account.

Step 3: Monitor your balance 

On the dashboard, you can see your current account balance in VND and tokenized securities in a single convenient field.

Step 4: Trade your tokenized securities 

On the orders marketplace, you can buy and sell your securities. You can place your own order or choose among existing.

When you choose an tokenized securities to conduct a transaction with, you will see all available orders with price, quantity and expiration date.

When you choose an order you have to read disclaimers, sign an agreement and confirm the transaction with your private key. The transaction then has to be approved by an Exchange monitor.

You can also place your own order, specifying the number of tokenized securities you are looking to buy or sell, total price or price per unit, marking time and expiration date. The order also has to be approved by an Exchange monitor.

Fund Transfer

Aptus Capital eco-partners in the banking and payment gateway will take care of all the fund transfer with due and safety.

Our Skills


With our partner in Dubai, we can support our clients in Middle East countries.


With established experiences in different fields, we believe that our strategies that make for our each specific client shall support them in each of their development stage.


Our eco-system and experts can network all the required resources and give our client the detail advice so that they can confident in their innovation venture.


With a team of knowledgeable experts from many different fields. We believe that we will make a quick investment decision.


With our expertise in finance, management and technology we can support our client in very early stage to the development state.


With partner from UAE, Japan, Korea and Singapore, we can structure different financial model that fit for each client requirements and help them reach their targets.