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Aptus Capital Events

[porto_ultimate_heading main_heading=”EVENTS” sub_heading_color=”#2e353e” main_heading_font_weight=”bold” main_heading_line_height=”27″ sub_heading_font_size=”16″]Support for media of startup projects[/porto_ultimate_heading]

Aptus Events has the ambition to bring events, information on Startups according to each field of activity, each locality, region and nationwide. Entrepreneurs can communicate with potential customers, investors, national and international experts. This is also a place for the parties to share knowledge, experience and link the components of Vietnam’s startup ecosystem.


Under Construction – Coming Soon

Our Key Activities

Company & Investor data provider.

Asset structuring/packaging.

Financial arrangements.

Trading platform of Aptus units and its derivaties.

Central Depository operation

Our Value Proposition

Hybrid raising fund model.

Financial Professional skills and expertise.

Management knowhow.

Networking ecosystem for sustainable development.

Blockchain technology commanding.

IT value added capabilities.

PR & Marketing online Structured products know-hows.

Stock market exit practise.

[porto_ultimate_heading main_heading=”OUR HISTORY” main_heading_color=”#2e353e” sub_heading_color=”#2e353e” alignment=”left” main_heading_line_height=”27″ main_heading_font_weight=”bold” sub_heading_font_size=”16″]Our Way of Success[/porto_ultimate_heading]

Aptus Capital is founded in 2008 as an investment private firm. As the digital & shareing economy explotion in Vietnam, the founding partner composing of financial profession, marketing profession and ERP profession decided to turn it into a hybrid funding mechanism using DTL blockchain platform for investor to take part in Vietnam decade of fast development.

[porto_schedule_timeline_container circle_type=”simple” title_color=”#2e353e” subtitle_color=”#6a80a9″][porto_schedule_timeline_item subtitle=”2008″ heading=”Company formed” el_class=”cs-timeline ” heading_color=”#2e353e” subtitle_color=”#1e73be”]Private investment firm[/porto_schedule_timeline_item][porto_schedule_timeline_item subtitle=”2009″ heading=”Investment fund” el_class=”cs-timeline ” subtitle_color=”#1e73be” heading_color=”#2e353e”]Operation[/porto_schedule_timeline_item][porto_schedule_timeline_item subtitle=”2019″ heading=”Invested for Megalend” el_class=”cs-timeline ” heading_color=”#2e353e” subtitle_color=”#1e73be”]Invested for Megalend[/porto_schedule_timeline_item][/porto_schedule_timeline_container]

Invested your money with real Professionals

Meet our Team of Specialists

Mr. Luu Tuong Bach - Chairman and CEO of Aptus Capital
Mr. Luu Tuong Bach - Chairman and CEO of Aptus Capital
Mr. Vo Phu Nong - Relationship Specialist
Mr. Vo Phu Nong - Relationship Specialist
Mr. Nguyen Tuong Chau - Director of Media
Mr. Nguyen Tuong Chau - Director of Media
Mr. Ha Ton Vinh – Strategic Advisor
Mr. Ha Ton Vinh – Strategic Advisor