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Start-Ups that Attract Investors


Better health could add $12 trillion to global GDP in 2040, an 8 percent boost that translates into 0.4 percent faster growth every year. About half of these annual economic benefits come from a larger and healthier workforce. The remainder come from expanding the capacity of older people, people with disabilities, and informal caregivers to work as well as from productivity gains as the burden of chronic health conditions is reduced.

Services components

1.Hospitality services;

2.On-demand health consultation – health care rooms such as acupuncture, physiotherapy;

3.Aesthetic beauty care room for guests and the community (Spa);

4.On-demand care services at home, going to the hospital;

5.Convenience supermarket serving on-site and at home for guests and the community;

6.Workshop on proactive communication of direct consumer health advice in the locality;

7.Coordinate with hospitals, organize medical examination and distribution for guests and the community;

8.Receive and deploy events, advertisements, and promotions for businesses in the province;

9.Building a community movement to help develop spiritual and cultural products;

10.Organization of association of businesses, production of products and implementation of preferential markets for the community.


Longevity Tea by Fermented Ginseng Leaves – Gintonin Enriched Fraction (GEF)

  • Functional food or medicinal formulations to prevent geriatric brain disorders are not readily available. Panax ginseng is a candidate, since ginseng has long-been consumed as a rejuvenating agent.
  • Not only low-cost advantage, ginseng leaves contain many kinds of bioactive ingredients, e.g., phenolic compounds, polysaccharide, phytosterols, polyacetylenic alcohols, flavonoids, peptides and higher contents of ginsenosides Rb1, Rb2, Rc, Rd and Re than ginseng root.
  • Ginseng root takes 4-6 years to be adult from a seed that makes it expensive, but ginseng leaves can be harvested every year. Hence, ginseng leaves could be a possible alternative source of ginseng saponin compared to the roots that need long growth time.

Real Estate Smart Value Chain Connections Holdings

Vietnam Real Estate market still under developed, disorganized and inefficient marketplace encompassing inconceivably slow transaction times and ineffectual valuation determinants. The large capital obligation required to participate in the high yielding real estate environment alienates many individuals.

This impracticality allocates profits to affluent investors and institutional investment firms and decelerates the growth potential of the industry’s vitality. In addition, real estate’s il-liquidity proposes significant inefficiencies for investors as capital is confined for an extensive period of time.

Investors desire the opportunity to invest in foreign real estate assets, however restrictions, regulations and other substantial impediments obstruct this mode of investment engagement. At the expense of economic growth and development, the real estate market’s geographical segmentation consequentially confines investors to regional opportunities and limited exposure to foreign markets negatively impact the profitability of investors.

  1. Legal framework on real estate is very complex. However, many process have been clarified:
  • Land preparation procedures
  • Land documentation.
  • Construction permits.
  • Infrastructure Technical acceptance.
  • Eligible for sale.
  • Title owner of the real estate assets.
  • Fee and management cost related to the RE asset.
  1. Real Estate financing is restructuring, it composes a network of relationship between:
  • The big investors,
  • The guarantor
  • The middlemen buyer
  • The bank
  • The constructor
  • The landlord.

By this complex structure, Real estate market need more finance technology to involve and take advantage of the ecosystem.

  1. Too many intermediaries involved:
  • Project owner
  • Brokers
  • Banks
  • Financial advisors

This cause nontransparent market and increasing cost and need to revise using IoT.

  1. Many of Real Estate turn to distress assets because of:
  • Financial management
  • Construction management
  • Client management
  • Fee & cost management
  • This require a new approach and technology to tackle.

Real Estate Smart Value Chain Connections Holdings aims at:

1.Building an innovative investment vehicle to invest into real estate opportunities

2.Building and developing application platforms for the entire real estate ecosystem and extension:

  • Enhance collaboration between Real Estate companies
  • Introducing new financial approach
  • Reduce sales and marketing expenses
  • Increasing market transparency
  • Increasing more approach to customers
  • Increase business efficiency
  • Attract innovator to create new products, derivative products








Dandelion Herb

Vietnam is a agricultural strong advantage country. We focus on utilize the benefit that nature grant to Vietnam. So we focus on two types of High-Tech Agri Start Ups as follows:

Development of medicinal herbal plant production is an important direction to help diversify agricultural commodities, contribute to job creation, increase income for farmers and provide functional foods for health care. people in the country, towards export.

The planting of medicinal plants must be developed into a commodity production industry in parallel with vegetables and flowers on the basis of hi-tech application

Dandelion is easy to grow, highly effective for farmers, less affecting the environment, especially Dandelion leaves are used as clean vegetables for daily meals. However, we need to research and plant more surveys in the next crops on old soil, in order to evaluate pest resistance and the ability to adapt to a wide range of different crops throughout the year

The planting of Dandelion medicinal plants must be developed into a commodity production on the basis of hi-tech applications. Development of medicinal plant production is an important direction to help diversify agricultural commodities, contribute to job creation, increase income for farmers and provide functional foods for health care. people in the country, towards export with high value agriculture products.

As a business specializing in manufacturing and trading of products derived from natural medicinal herbs, to improve competitiveness, P&K Development Co., Ltd has successfully built HACCP standards in a closed production process

Dandelion herbal products including:
– Dandelion Tea
– Dandelion coffee
– Dandelion powder
– Dandelion Cookies

Dandelion tea bag is highly appreciated by the market with the use of increasing the body’s resistance, supporting the treatment of sore throat symptoms, liver factors and stabilizing blood sugar.


Phan Thiet is the best coastal area in the south of Vietnam. With 4 hour drive from HCMC it is very convenience for local or foreign aging people to enjoy the healthy life. With the Aging home project, Mui Ne Marina & Advanced Medicare aim at:

  • Provide a complex facility for aging people to enjoy a healthy & wellness life.
  • Building day care facilities for daily activities of the aging people
  • Providing professional healthcare activities, and  other contingencies for aging people satisfaction must also be taken seriously.
  • Recreational activities, maintaining mental and physical flexibility, provide the best environment for spiritual development.
  • Provide high-class vacation services for individual and family.
  • Focus into each customer, must always set criteria “peace of mind”, “satisfaction”, “comfort“ for every individual aging people. In order to do this, it is necessary to understand the status of each customer as well as implement effective communication methods.