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P&K Development Corp – Dandelion Tea Herb Plantation & Processing – Bồ công anh

Dandelion is easy to grow, highly effective for farmers, less affecting the environment, especially Dandelion leaves are used as clean vegetables for daily meals. However, we need to research and plant more surveys in the next crops on old soil, in order to evaluate pest resistance and the ability to adapt to a wide range of different crops throughout the year.

The planting of Dandelion medicinal plants must be developed into a commodity production on the basis of hi-tech applications. Development of medicinal plant production is an important direction to help diversify agricultural commodities, contribute to job creation, increase income for farmers and provide functional foods for health care. people in the country, towards export with high value agriculture products.

As a business specializing in manufacturing and trading of products derived from natural medicinal herbs, to improve competitiveness, P&K Development Co., Ltd has successfully built HACCP standards in a closed production process.

Dandelion tea bag is highly appreciated by the market with the use of increasing the body’s resistance, supporting the treatment of sore throat symptoms, liver factors and stabilizing blood sugar

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