Project Longevity Tea by Fermented Ginseng Leaves – Gintonin Enriched Fraction (GEF)

  • Functional food or medicinal formulations to prevent geriatric brain disorders are not readily available. Panax ginseng is a candidate, since ginseng has long-been consumed as a rejuvenating agent.
  • Not only low-cost advantage, ginseng leaves contain many kinds of bioactive ingredients, e.g., phenolic compounds, polysaccharide, phytosterols, polyacetylene alcohols, flavonoids, peptides and higher contents of ginsenosides Rb1, Rb2, Rc, Rd and Re than ginseng root.
  • Ginseng root takes 4-6 years to be adult from a seed that makes it expensive, but ginseng leaves can be harvested every year. Hence, ginseng leaves could be a possible alternative source of ginseng saponin compared to the roots that need long growth time.

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